Who is Sportisimo?

Sportisimo was established in 2001 by the sport scientist Dr Elsjé Jordaan as a multi-disciplinary approach towards player, team and coach development, the “Whole Team” concept ensures optimal team results through developing and Coaching the players and coach’s heart, head and body.

In the last 14-years Sportisimo has hosted around 15 000 netball players and 2000 netball coaches at netball courses across South Africa. Sportisimo provides coaching and training for various sports such as Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Softball, Mountain Biking and others.

Sportisimo also offers Coaching Solutions and individual coaching through Netfix .

Our Netball Analytics software provides match analysis and statistics to help improve Gameplay.

Sportisimo also presents Leadership, “Veldskool”, Grade Specific and Survival Camps, so if you are interested in identifying or developing leadership skills, learning to survive in the bushveld or simply want to attend a fun filled, get to know each other camp which brings out your inner adventurous spirit while spending time with mother nature, contact us for tailor-made solutions.

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